1FirstCashAdvance Promotes The Mandela Initiative Campaign in the US

Mandela Initiative newsletter (Issue 1, Nov 2016)


Recently, the 1FirstCashAdvance lending company took part in supporting the Mandela Initiative, which is engaged in providing a unique and consistent approach to combine different academic capabilities from contemporary South Africa with a view to deal with poverty and inequality since 2011.

The project's idea is to think of possible actions, such as multiplying and expanding a successful campaign to achieve the desired results. The intentions of the Mandela Initiative have been immediately recognized by multiple organizations all around the World.

Along with other interested individuals and entities, Latoria Williams, the company's principal CEO, decided to provide the necessary aid for all the potential projects of the initiative group. The founder considers it's an essential and relevant subject that should definitely be supported and noticed by international companies.

In its turn, the company participated in a long-term campaign to provide the group with the needed promotion across social media channels and other information portals and hubs. Thanks to 1FirstCashAdvance activity, the Mandela Initiative has received enormous feedback and support from South African and American citizens.

At this point, besides offered funding support, the Mandela Initiative has acquired the needed assistance in ensuring interaction between researchers and practitioners, as well as possibilities to engage the most experienced scientists and experts from universities and government and present the group's work to the public.